Monday, 29 April 2013

Wednesdays finds, jumble and dreams

Hello to everyone and I hope your all feeling great.

Today's show and tell day, but I'm also going to take you on a little trip around the local tip and let you into one of my dreams, so lets start. 
I found this too cute tea towel, It must be tea towel month has I've been coming across them right left and centre, it needs a wash but will come up bute, thinking of using it for a cushion cover??? any other ideas out there???

I just love 1970's Staffordshire pottery. I originally came from Staffordshire so I've a soft spot for the stuff, there's a set of 6 and at just 3$ a steel. Love the cool blue colour Ymmm!!!

Anyone for drink???? fits just nicely in my retro cocktail bar
super world ice bucket

Now these two stools are so cool I could'nt believe my eyes when I saw them, Oh!! so retro and Eamesy!!!!! I just made that word up, Eamesy meaning of the Eames era. They were made in South Australia

I found this orignal oil painting at the tip/Crate which I rescued  she's a little damaged, with parts of the oil paint cracked plus a couple of small holes. Well there's always good old you tube, But I think this all adds to her beauty.

Love this bit of 1970's Japanese pottery nice shape
and below are bright coloured Rosti Mapal Denmark egg cups and salad servers. would love to find other matching colored  Rosti egg cups to make a set of 6

Now to take you on a little trip to show you what I found and can't have because of space, also what's out and about in my area that may interest you. First Vinnies op shop
 One set of six chairs, I would of just loved to get them, they were so nice in white, the table they can keep just give me the chairs, sob, sob, I want them!!!! at just 95$ for the lot a bargin me thinks

Now its on to the local tip which is called the Crate the money made goes to local charities.

How nice is this old cupboard for the shabby chic look

Just look at this old wooden box I've come acoss lots of these boxes in all sizes here

How about these old chairs? the bentwood stools were in perfect condition, there were a pair of them both with rattan cane seats. I also like the old country style wooden chair

Anyone for shabby chic??  nice coat of paint and you have a lovely sun  lounge

Nice set of steps or little table

Deck chairs for recovering anyone?

And while your sunning yourself how's about a little light reading from the 60's girls?

 Now I would love to share a dream of mine I would just love to  renivate  an old terrice house, below's one I found in the mountains it's in the Sydney Paddington style
This home I found on

Just look at that  beautiful latice work

               Nice big rooms with high cielings and original fireplace for the cold mountain winters Oh soo yummy!!!

upstairs balcony with outdoor window shutters, shutters work so no need of blinds or curtains

View of  little cottages with hill backdrop.
  Below I'm showing pictures from inside the home. With a little planning and hard work I do belive this would be a stunning home It's not to big but big enough for me to renivate.

  Beautiful leadlight window

Well I do hope you enjoyed the trip. Thanks for comming please join me each Wednesday for show and tell I'll also continue to  show you interesting finds at the Crate. Cheers :)


  1. That t.towel is a beauty. Gosh you find some incredible stuff. I want to shop at your tip shop! It would be wonderful to restore that lovely old terrace house, I hope you can find a way of making your dream come true one day.

  2. Thanks Kylie. Its sad to see all this lovely stuff sitting and waiting for someone to love it back to its original or recycled beauty instead of land fill. And yes one day the terrace will be mine, mine, mine! Cheers

  3. great tea towel!great painting!great pottery!great everything!im glad u came and said ive had a chance to visit ur wonderful blog!ill be back soon!


  4. ooh, that looks like my kind of store! i love the tea towel too. so glad you linked up-you link isn;'t working for some reason though, i found you from the blog title on google. do try again if you get the chance, or come back again soon with more of your fine op-shop finds x

    1. Hi Max I'm not sure if I got to follow the link up right Will try again this week Thanks for your comment Will get back on Wednesday with a few nice finds Cheers:-)